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Working Near Water

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Near Water

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Key Hazards


Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Falling into water

  2. Waterborne diseases

  3. Shock from sudden immersion in cold water

  4. Weight of waterlogged clothing

  1. Drowning

  2. Slips, trips and falls

  3. Hypothermia

  4. Infection




  • Plan task to eliminate or reduce the time spent working near water.

  • Always wash your hands after completing a task, and before any meal breaks.

  • Cover any cuts and abrasions.

  • Wherever possible work must be carried out on the quayside behind the fixed edge protection/railings.

  • For those carrying out occasional work outside edge barriers e.g. maintenance activities a life jacket with harness should be worn attached by lanyard to a suitable anchorage point or proprietary fall prevention anchorage system. Such equipment needs to be carefully selected by a competent person to ensure it is suitable for the task, checked and maintained to ensure it is kept in good order and the users instructed and trained in its use.

  • Emergency rescue arrangements also need to be in place.

  • Ensure each person is briefed on what to do in the event of an emergency.

  • Footwear with good, non-slip soles should be worn when working near water.

Do Not

Never Work Alone.

Never wear rubber boots as, once filled, they act as a weight and could drag the wearer under water.

Do not carry out work outside edge barriers in extreme weather conditions.

Specific Training Requirements:

  • Working at Height & Harness Training

Risk Assessments:

  • POS 01_Working at Heights

  • POS 05_Slips & Trips

  • POS 14_Inclement or Extreme Weather

  • POS 15_COSHH General


  • POS_SWP 02_Working Near Water

  • POS_SWP 03_Skin Care

  • POS_SWP 04_Accessing Cargo Holds

  • POS_SWP 05_Safe Work in Confined Spaces



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