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Use of the Pressure Washer

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Key Hazards


Personal Protective Equipment

  1. High Pressure Water Jet

  2. Noise

  3. Ejected Particles

  4. Moving Pressure Washer

  5. Electricity

  6. Fire

  1. Water Injection

  2. Hearing Damage

  3. Eye/Facial Injuries

  4. Sprains, muscular skeletal Issues.

  5. Electric shock

  6. Burns / Death

  • Do

  • Check hoses are in good condition before operating the pressure washer.

  • Carry out pre-use visual inspection of equipment.

  • Report defective equipment to your supervisor immediately.

  • Ensure the equipment is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Always wash your hands after completing a task, and before any meal breaks.

  • Cover any cuts and abrasions.

  • Wear footwear with good, non-slip soles should be worn.

  • Wear full PPE.

  • Wear eye protection at all times.

  • If using electrical connection to the mains system then ensure that the electrical connection is away from potential water saturation.

  • If using detergents always read the COSHH assessment before handling or using the substance.

  • When using a petrol operated pressure washer ensure petrol is stored in a secure container and a foam fire extinguisher is readily available.

Do Not

Use defective equipment.

Spray jet at any person.

Use equipment in cramped conditions where injection injuries may occur.

Ignore accidental injection injuries – seek medical advice immediately.

Use pressure wash equipment unless wearing full PPE.

Use equipment if the electrical cables are damaged or frayed.

Allow other people to stand in front of the jet.

Use the jet wash from steps or ladders

Specific Training Requirements:

  • Manual Handling

  • Operation of Equipment

Risk Assessments:

  • POS 04_Use of Hand Tools

  • POS 05_Slips & Trips

  • POS 06_Manual Handling

  • POS 07_Vibration

  • POS 10_First Aid

  • POS 11_Young and Inexperienced Workers

  • POS 14_Inclement or Extreme Weather

  • POS 15_COSHH General


  • POS_SWP 03_Skin Care.



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