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SWP: Moving Abnormal Loads

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Date: 05/07/21

Key Hazards


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Lifting heavy loads from height

  • Moving Plant and machinery

  • Weather Conditions

  • Loads or Attachments

  • Trapping

  • Crushing

  • Overturning

  • Collision with personnel

  • Collision with other vehicles/equipment



  • Check the physical condition of the cargo prior to lifting. If there is any doubt, then bring it to the attention of a Cargo Team Leader.

  • Always secure the load before attempting to move once lifted from the vessel or onto the transporter, forklift.

Do Not

Attempt to load the trailer without the driver being in attendance and overseeing the operation.

Drive over any uneven or damaged surfaces if there is any doubt of its potential security.

Specific Training Requirements:

  • Basic Training - through an accredited training provider training to the standards outlined in the L117 ACOP.

  • Specific job training - tailored to the needs of the organisation.

  • Familiarisation training - Familiarisation training is the third stage of training, which should be carried out on the job, under close supervision, by someone with

appropriate knowledge.

Risk Assessments:

  • POS 01_Working at Heights

  • POS 02_Use of Ladders

  • POS 05_Slips & Trips

  • POS 06_Manual Handling

  • POS 07_Stress

  • POS 08_Driving at Work

  • POS 09_First Aid

  • POS 11_Operating Plant and Machinery

  • POS 13_Inclement or Extreme Weather

  • POS 21_Handling_Steel_Products


  • POS_SWP 07_Forklift Truck Operations

  • POS_SWP 08_Use of Lifting Gear

  • POS_SWP 16_ Driving Port Vehicles

  • POS_SWP 26_ Driving Tug Units With Trailers



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